3 tips to make the moment called “The First Look” successful.


The day that you were dreaming about, waiting for and preparing for, has COME!!!

You are very excited, but there are so many questions… And one of them is: what is The First Look and how do you do it?

Read here some tips to make this moment succesful.


Discus with your fiancé where do you want to see each other foto the first time at your wedding: in a room or at an open space, such as a corridor or a garden.

TIP 2:

Discus with each other if you want to be alone at this moment or you want the other family members to be around. Pay attention at the fact that you or your groom  may become shy if he knows that other people are there around.

If you want to meet each another in the room, do not forget to replace the disturbing things, that nothing will demand your attention on the photo’s.


Wherever you do the First Look, do not forget to enjoy the moment when you see your fiancé in his costume and he sees you in your dream white dress! Do not forget to whisper lovely words in the ear of your beloved one!2016-06-23 Lies & Chries-_JekelPhotography.com-013-GC1A2211